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A few words about our company

The Publishing House of EL-Press s.j. is there since 1994. From the beginning it operates printing, related to print finishing. In 2011, we completed construction of a modern production hall. Located in Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK Mielec, Lublin sub-zone facility is equipped among others with epoxy flooring discharge of electric charges, the humidity maintain system and laboratory facilities. After implemented investments it has become one of the best equipped establishments engaged in the production of print finishing in Poland.

We use semi-finished products and materials with approval for food contact to production. We use films, adhesives and coatings derived from the solid, proven producers and suppliers, to ensure stable quality and the required technical parameters.

Our knowledge and experience in designing and print finishing allow us to offer highquality cardboard gift boxes as well as promotional and advertising prints - from design and construction to the finished product. We have our own graphic studio, and through close cooperation with the most advanced printing houses specializing in the manufacture of packaging we made very technologically sophisticated packaging at competitive prices. Among the customers of our packages are such companies like STOCK POLAND and STOCK SRL (Italy).

We have the facilities to allow us to perform the full range of print finishing services:

  • lamination - thermal and water based (wet), polypropylene films (OPP), polyester (PET), polyethylene (PE), gloss, matte (also a soft touch) and metallized (also color and diffractive for example: rainbow);
  • UV coating - the whole surfaces, precise selective varnishing, gloss varnish, matte, with glitter and special.

The company employs over 20 employees working in three shifts. The daily production capacity of laminating is dated between 90 000 B1 sheets, a varnishing about 30 000 sheets. This allows us to provide short terms of product realization.

We invite you to cooperation.

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